The Anti-Marxists Internet Archive
Though many socialistic ideas had existed throughout states and societies for thousands of years before the birth of Karl Marx, his writings spearheaded many movements which have impacted the world in many ways, both good and bad.  While many people have been able to cognitively organize and separately analyze various layers of Marxist philosophies, differentiating the good and the productive from the bad and counterproductive, many more have read deeply into it but with little or no understanding.

Many an uneducated laborer or a young high school or college student have read the utopian philosophies of The Communist Manifesto and the long-winded theories of Das Kapital and adopted Marxism as their dogmatic religion, convinced of its position as the sole remedy for the ills of mankind.  Others have heard second or third-hand interpretations of Marxist theory and philosophy and in their ignorance have sought out to crush not Marxist ideas but rather people who subscribe to those ideas, and in doing so, have killed people or violated their fundamental God-given rights to life, free speech, and free association.  Still others have subscribed to some Marxist doctrines but also changed them and added their own ideas and practices to the original philosophy, and in doing so, justified countless campaigns of terror, violence, and bloodshed on their fellow human beings--all in the name of Socialism/Marxism/Communism.

While the authors and volunteers who contribute to the Anti-Marxist Internet Archive have an academic respect for many Marxist thinkers, we disagree with the overall philosophies that fall under the umbrellas of Socialism/Marxism/Communism, and we believe that ultimately they cause more damage, destruction, pain, and misery than they are meant to alleviate.  That is why we have raised up and compiled an online library of free thinkers who advocate freedom, the exchange of ideas which favor freedom, and those of sound politics and economics.  These authors are scientists, economists, political analysts, theologians, and other critical thinkers who have contributed to various schools of thought.  There are also writings by various Marxist authors which are commonly criticized and refuted by the free thinkers.   It is our hope that Marxists and non-Marxists alike will be able to come to this online library to learn and reflect.

This internet archive is a quiet place in cyberspace reserved for tolerance, mutual respect, and the exchange of ideas.

We invite you to now browse the LIBRARY .